All About Boss Life WiFi

Businesses are good at understanding everything their customers do online. But, they don’t know enough about their offline world. There is a huge black hole of missing data that is in fact already there, waiting to be unlocked and turned into revenue. In this about us section we will go into further detail.

On average, 20% of customers and visitors will login to free guest WiFi when it’s available. But businesses don’t know how to optimize the WiFi experience for their customers and leverage the data it produces.

Boss Life WiFi gives businesses a means to capture and understand their offline world by offering a cloud-based platform that sits on top of their existing WiFi infrastructure.

As a result we have a market leading guest WiFi, analytics and engagement platform. Our customers range from individual restaurants with a single location to the largest brands in the world with thousands of stores.

About Boss Life WiFi Facts

Founded in 2020
Powered by Purple
Based in Naples, FL
Thousands of Active Customers
Availble In Over 160 Countries

Boss Life WiFi helps businesses transform their physical venues into intelligent spaces through our own software as well as through Purple. From data capture, predictive analytics and engagement, to helping customers quickly navigate complex venues, we are the Google Maps and Analytics of the physical world. Hopefully you know a little more about us now.