Boss Life WiFi is proud to be offering our new referral program due to an overwhelming amount of requests.  We believe we have made it as simple as possible and hope you enjoy  working it into your current offerings.


The Basics of our Affiliate Program

1.) Payout are only done via Paypal.  We will eventually offer direct bank transfers but it is a long way out.

2.) Payout will not be paid until the return policy is completed.

3.) Referrals are subject to approval.  If a customer is a previous customer they must be setting up a new location in order for referral to be approved.

4.)  Any fraud will lead to dismissal from program.

5.) You cannot refer your own company.

6.)  You will be ale to create custom links which can be shared anywhere.  We have no issues with the links being shared anywhere you feel appropriate .  If we deem your sharing inappropriate we will let you know via email.   This will only happen if you share to illicit sites that can e harmful to our brand.

7.) Our affiliate program offers a single payout per year.  Base plans pay $50 per access point registered.  Service modules pay $25 for each access point.  No commissions will be paid on any other products.