Speak your customers’ language with Multi lingual WiFi by Boss Life WiFi

A seamless experience no matter where your business or customers are based with Multilingual WiFi

Our cloud software recognizes the default language of a user’s device to provide a seamless, multilingual experience. Create multilingual versions of the login journey in as many languages needed, with over 20 languages to choose from, for each customer to have a personalized experience. Translated areas include all customer facing login screens, splash pages, landing pages and selected languages in the Boss Life Portal.Multilingual WiFi powered by Boss Life WiFi automatically will show the correct login screen to your customers based on the device language that is set. Easily allow customer from all different backgrounds and ethnicity to use your guest wifi the same. Create exact replicas of main login screen in up to 24 different languages.

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Benefits of Multilingual WiFi

End user login is available in 24 languages via Multilingual WiFi
Personalize offers and promotions in your customers’ language via Multilingual WiFi by Boss Life WiFi
Our platform is hosted in three locations, minimizing latency for our Multilingual WiFi system.

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