End user Profile Portal

Give your WiFi users complete transparency into the data collected about them

Boss Life WiFi User Profile Portal places control of personal data firmly back with the end user, including the ability to adjust their marketing preferences through a secure and easy-to-use dashboard. The WiFi access journey has been improved to include a terms overview snapshot with three sections labelled Terms, Marketing and Location, for complete clarity, start to finish.

Our privacy policy has also been shortened from 1600 words to 260 words, and we use everyday language so end users can be confident in knowing what data we collect, why we collect it, and what we do with it.

The Profile Portal is a proactive approach to being fully compliant under the European Commission’s General Data Protection Policy, and will prove beneficial worldwide as pressure mounts for businesses to manage data responsibly.

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Benefits of Profile Portal

GDPR compliant WiFi network
WiFi login journey places control firmly with end users
Profile Portal is transparent and openly available to end users around the clock

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