Boss Life WiFi serves every industry across the country.  If you have a physical space where visitors interact with you onsite Boss Life WiFi can improve the way you do business. Some of the main industries we serve are listed below.  Of coarse retail and restaurants are below but as you can see other industries are taking advantage of this system.  See for yourself by clicking the images below to find out more.  Once again if you in any way offer guest WiFi in your business Boss Life WiFi is a great fit.  Not only do we offer your business and guests a fast and simple login solution but we also make sure your network is protected from threats. We also give you the ability to really understand your clienteles behavior inside your physical space.  The industries we serve can be located around the globe making our product truly universal across countries.



Financial Services


Hotels and Lodging


Bars & Restaurants


Stadiums & Venues


Transport Hubs


Towns and Cities


Retail Stores


These are just a small fraction of the industries we serve but these industries are definitely our most popular.  If you do not see an industry listed above that closely matches up with your business model do not be discouraged.  We could not possibly list all of the industries we serve.  If you would like specific examples of how we have helped others businesses inside your vertical please reach out to us via phone or email.  We can be reached via phone call at (239) 299-9600 or via email at