Identifying who your diners are has never been more important thanks too Bar WiFi, Restaurant WiFi, and Coffee Shop WiFi

Diners expect personalized content and experiences

Personalizing a diners experience can have a significant impact on retention and revenue; and this isn’t something that should be underestimated.Whether it is Bar WiFi, Restaurant WiFi, or Coffee Shop WiFi the value can be tremendous if used and configured properly.

Place diners in the center of your business operations

To achieve personalization, you need to commit to embedding data and smart technology into your operations because in order to place diners at the center of your business operations, you need to know exactly who they are and understand their buying requirements, both in the online and offline worlds.

2.8 million unique connections

Paul Davie, Head of CRM at PizzaExpress said: “Boss Life has provided a gateway for us to begin building better customer profiles.”


Collect data and action insights before, during and after diners visit your venue

Identify your diners via restaurant, Cafe, or Bar WiFi

Capture data in real-time including name, age, gender, contact information and much more via our captive portal. View and analyze the data with ease from a centralized reporting dashboard.

Increase return rates via Grille, Cafe, or Bar WiFi

Take immediate action on the data collected and send email communications and SMS messages in real-time to visitors in your restaurant; aimed at driving customer spend and increasing return rates.

Understand customer movement

Map customer movement in and around your venue to help you understand busy periods and better manage staffing requirements. Collect data on the paths customers take, how long dwell and where they enter and exit your venue.

Promote offers

Make it beautiful, branded and seamless for your customers to login anytime, at any of your venues. Promote offers and encourage app downloads with our fully customizable splash screens.

Bespoke login journey for Bar WiFi

Onboarding is simple and flexible, using either social media authentication or a short registration form. Completely customize your offline and online splash pages to include specific branding, promotions and advertising. Manage every step of your customers brand experience with customized landing pages, and real-time e-shots and SMS alerts making your Bar WiFi a valuable asset.

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