Digital transformation in the banking industry WiFi

Customers expect personalized content and experiences from Financial Services WiFi

With new innovations in technology and the number of consumers using digital channels only increasing, many banks are embarking on large scale digital transformation projects aimed at enhancing the customer experience. Financial Services WiFi is becoming more and more critical for future customer success.

Leading banks are investing heavily in digital technology, improving how customers use online, mobile and other digital platforms to access banking services.

Forbes recently reported that 86% of financial institutions indicated that digital solutions represented their top technology investments.

Place customers at the center of your business operations

Banking is a competitive market, and differentiating the consumer experience is becoming increasingly difficult. Digital delivery now goes beyond just mobile banking apps – without back-office improvements, current technologies will eventually fail to deliver the experiences that are expected by consumers.

A focus on the customer experience is key. Banks need to place customers in the center of business operations – with full consideration of the end-to-end experience, from awareness right through to purchase and referrals. But how do you do this if you do not know who your customers are and how they interact with your brand?

4,000 logins per month

On average, 4,000 unique customers connect each month

Collect data and action insights before, during and after customers visit your branch

Identify your customers

Capture data in real-time such as name, age, contact information, location and more via our captive login portal. View and analyze the data captured from our enterprise-class reporting platform.

Drive personalized campaigns through Financial Services WiFi

Get a better understanding of who your customers are – and by considering different facets, such as when visits occur, who is making those visits, and how this differs by branch – you can provide the insight to create a more meaningful and personalized customer interaction.

Understand customer movement through Financial Services WiFi

Identify trends at a company-wide, geographic or individual location level – in the context of the wider market and future opportunities. This allows you to provide a better overall customer experience, resulting in increased engagement, interaction, satisfaction and retention.

Promote your banking app through Financial Services WiFi

Make it simple, branded and seamless for your customers to login anytime, at any of your branches. Inform customers about new processes or promote your app with our fully customizable splash screens.

Bespoke login journey

Create the perfect customer login journey. Onboarding is simple and flexible, using either social media authentication or a short registration form. Completely customize your offline and online splash pages to include specific branding, promotions and advertising.

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