Identifying who your consumers are has never been more important

Consumers expect personalized content and experiences

Shopping Mall WiFi expects Personalizing a customers experience can have a significant impact on revenue and retention, and this isn’t something that should be underestimated. Big Box Retail WiFi, Shopping Mall WiFi and Chain Store WiFi play a huge roll in personalizing your brands message.

Place customers in the center of your business operations

To achieve personalization, businesses need to commit to embedding data and smart technology into their operations, because in order to place customers at the center of their operations, they need to know exactly who their customers are and understand their buying requirements, both in the online and offline worlds.


new CRM records created in five months


Collect customer data with retail WiFi and location analytics to personalize customer experiences and increase dwell times and return rates through Big Box Retail WiFi, Shopping Mall WiFi and Chain Store WiFi

Identify your customers

Unlike many digital forms of data capture, WiFi and location analytics enables you to paint a full picture of your customers; from key demographic data such as name, date of birth and gender, to contact information, social interests, footfall, dwell and frequency of visits.

Increase return rates

Use the customer data collected to send hyper-personalized marketing communications with Purple’s built in LogicFlow automation tool; driving loyalty and increasing customer retention by 24%.

Understand movement

Location services enables you to monitor footfall, dwell, repeat visits, entry and exit points, queue lengths and waiting times. Use this data to optimize your venue creating more efficient customer pathways, increasing dwell and reducing queue waiting times.

Third party sponsorship

Drive revenue with fully customizable splash pages designed to allow ease of WiFi access, connect with multiple social media channels and re-direct customers to specific landing pages, advertisements or promotions.

Bespoke login journey through Shopping Mall WiFi,Big Box Retail WiFi,and Chain Store WiFi

Onboarding is simple and flexible, using either social media authentication or a short registration form.
Completely customize your offline and online splash pages to include specific branding, promotions and advertising.
Manage every step of your customers brand experience with customized landing pages, and real-time e-shots and SMS alerts through Shopping Mall WiFi.

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