Increase attendee frequency and acquisition with personalized marketing

On average, 7 out of 10 attendees never return

Without personalized campaigns, our research reveals 7 out of every 10 attendees don’t return to your venue. Capture demographic, social and location data when users login to WiFi, create rich profiles, collate data from numerous touch points, and start increasing frequency with tailored marketing. This is the benefit to having Stadium and Entertainment WiFi Solutions.

Send personalized campaigns to increase spend by 24%

Automate relevant and personalized SMS and email campaigns to engage attendees and increase spend. Market a premium experience or multi-event packages based on location, behavior and segment needs, and promote additional services from you or your sponsors in real-time to drive engagement.

400,000+ unique connections

The AmericanAirlines Arena and Miami HEAT have an average of 25% attendees connect at NBA games and concerts, with every user receiving a customized splash page and invitation to download the HEAT mobile app.


Action data gathered in real-time to drive behavior that matters

Identify your attendees through Stadium and Entertainment WiFi Solutions

Use social or short form logins to collect name, age, email, location and frequency of visits of event attendees to create rich CRM profiles. Track footfall around your stadium and entertainment venue to optimize future events, identify hotspots of overcrowding, and improve signage.

Increase attendee frequency

Increase loyalty and return rates by appearing in social channels and media your attendees engage with most. Design campaigns with relevant, tailored content such as; news, opportunities to attend games, new events, merchandise and concession menus.

Increase dwell time and spend

Automate personalized digital campaigns with Purple’s intelligent, built-in marketing tools. Offer pre-game promotions, half-time perks, and exclusive offers based on the data provided to resonate with attendees and increase time spent at your venue.

Sponsorship and branding

Open new lines of revenue with third party advertising spaces via online and offline splash pages, as well as website redirects, when attendees logon to your WiFi. Charge accurate rates for traditional advertising on-site by tracking footfall throughout venue and exposure per event through Stadium and Entertainment WiFi Solutions.

Personalization lifts revenue by 5-10%

Send attendees to a fully branded splash page that allows them to login to your WiFi via their favorite social media platform or short form. Once online, attendees can be redirected to customized landing pages featuring tailored content based on the data collected to drive engagement and excite crowds with exclusive, personalized offers.

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