Our API makes it simple for you to integrate with Boss Life

All of the user data in the Boss Life Portal is available to you through our API. Sharing this information allows you to integrate data straight into your CRM, ERP, loyalty systems and more. By pulling through this information, you can enrich existing data sets with a wealth of additional intelligence.

The API also facilitates daily tasks like automating provisioning for new venues, hardware and other administrative elements. What’s more, our API is restful, secure and outputs data in JSON format which makes our data lightweight and much faster at transferring between systems.  This is the the best method for connecting any system outside the the specific integrations we have already set up.  Between this and our Webhook system there really isnt a software we do not integrate with.  Let your imagination run wild with all the possibilities.  Have a custom CRM? Easily integrate our software into it.  Have a VoIP Phone system that accepts data. Integrate it right in easily. If you can think it, you can connect Boss Life WiFi with it.

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Benefits of our API

Enrich your in house data – add a wealth of intelligence from Boss Life, powered by Boss Life Wifi API
Create a single customer view, online and in-store
Match up in-store data with CRM, ERP, loyalty and BI systems via our API
Manage all of your customer data in your chosen location

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Connect with leading mailing platforms