Engage with customers instantly with Webhooks

Webhooks allows data such as name, email, date of birth, gender, signup method, MAC address and more, to be pushed into your internal CRM systems in real-time.  Automate your entire CRM process by simply establishing rules.  Establish a system that integrates directly with your CRM so all needed or future use information is stored in one spot for easy retrieval.

Having a live feed of your customers data gives you a more complete profile on each customer. Combine your Boss Life provided visitor data with the data you hold on each customer, such as previous purchases, and you can begin to engage with your customers in a truly personal way via Webhooks.  You can automatically include this in any CRM communication automatically b setting it up one time.  Make data collection great again, and easy as well.  Learn and store the most valuble information or the smallest detail about a customer.  Create a customer profile that is so accurate you will feel you know your customers next move before they make it.  That is the true power of Boss Life WiFi

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Benefits of Webhooks

Instantly identify new and returning customers via Webhooks
Create complete customer profiles by combining the data from your CRM and the Boss Life portal via Webhooks
Trigger automatic communications throughout the customer journey
Never miss an opportunity to engage and reward your loyal customers

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