Provide relevant information with real-time accuracy as visitors explore their surroundings powered by location based messaging

Deliver timely in-app notifications to visitors; engaging with them at exactly the right time and improving the experience.

Geo fencing technology enables you to create zones for specific areas of your venue, such as a new clothing range or food stall. Within these virtual boundaries you can trigger messages to visitors who enter the area regarding new promotions and discounts, or important information about building works or opening hours all possible with location based messaging. Location based messaging can provide customer the most relevant information the second they pass by what that information correlates too.  Say a customer is driving by your location, their last visit was over a month ago.  As they drive by they receive a app notification about your specials during that exact time causing them to remember their experience and come back in.

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Benefits of the Location-Based Messaging

Trigger real-time messages based on a visitor’s location
Track heavy traffic areas and optimize venue layout accordingly
Collect location data to aid with marketing/venue-based decisions

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