Powerful management & analytics engine

Teams manage content across all Boss Life WiFi way finding platforms powered by Purple using our intuitive content management system and analytics engine.

Manage all of your content with ease; update maps, routes, points of interests and landmarks from one place. You can also analyze system data and usage patterns in real-time to formulate powerful customer insights about navigation patterns inside your venue(s). All Part of our management and Analytics Engine. Use our powerful tools to customize your report experience and discover additional reports.

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Benefits of Management and Analytics Engine

Our powerful administrative toolkit means making changes is quick and simple
Content updates populate instantly across web, mobile and kiosk platforms
Intuitive dashboards and reports bring real-time insights to leadership teams
Real-time location analytics allows you to identify trends and make informed business decisions

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Web Solution

Plan your route with digital maps and directions on any device using our web solution

Digital Maps & Kiosks

Beautifully designed interactive floor plans make navigating the most complex venues simple

Mobile App

Precise indoor positioning & navigation in the form of an easy-to-use mobile app

Location-Based Messaging

Create virtual boundaries to trigger real-time messages to your visitors about events and products