Allow visitors to plan their route with our web solution

Visitors can preview digital maps and directions before they arrive (route planning) and use interactive walking routes when on-site via our web solution

Our web-based program, powered by Boss Life WiFi, is completely responsive, so users will get the optimum experience regardless of the device they are using. Users can pre-plan their routes from off-site to on-site, and if they wish, print or email the output.  Take your customers direction findings online via our web solution.  View this as your customers one stop shop for all direction getting.

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Benefits of our Web-Based Solution

Visitors can generate digital routes and explore your indoor space via any web browser without having to download the app
Enables visitors to create outdoor to indoor routes from any starting point to any destination, using their preferred navigation methods
Make it easy for users to find the nearest parking garage or other options that suit their travel needs
Guides visitors through your venue with turn-by-turn directions, with highlighted path segments layered over indoor maps

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Digital Maps & Kiosks

Beautifully designed interactive floor plans make navigating the most complex venues simple

Management & Analytics Engine

Manage maps, points of interests and more, all from one place

Mobile App

Precise indoor positioning & navigation in the form of an easy-to-use mobile app

Location-Based Messaging

Create virtual boundaries to trigger real-time messages to your visitors about events and products