WiFi analytics for your physical space

Access a wealth of rich WiFi analytics to help you build detailed customer profiles and better understand how customers are behaving within your venue. Connect with their social accounts to further find out users interests and likes on a truly personal level.  Collect customer information including name, email number, race, age, gender, and much more.  You can also gather a wealth of information about general footfall time spent on site, how often they return, when they return, and so much more.  Truly own your guests interaction with your venue by access micro surveys which can be sent right when a customer walks in or out, or set it up for hours later. These allow you to capture real time guest experiences.

With our cloud software powered by Purple enabled over your existing WiFi network you can access a wealth of rich WiFi analytics. Similar to website analytics, our platform provides real-time customer data and insight including name, age, gender, social interests, contact information, location, footfall, dwell, frequency of visits and much more. This is the one and only tool you will need to justify offering guest wifi.  Give your customers a great experience by offering fast secure and simple wireless internet all while collecting all the information you could ever ask for.

Build detailed customer profiles with the data collected

Access all of the data from a centralized reporting dashboard

Easily segment the data to understand your different customer groups

Use the data collected by WiFi Analytics to personalize marketing communications

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Location Analytics

Identify footfall, high dwell areas, and queue lengths to optimize your venue


Analyze the performance of all your venues through our wide range of reports

Enterprise-Class Analytics Suite

Create reports and segment your customer data with the click of a button