Reporting ny Boss Life WiFi that tell your customers’ stories

Analyze the performance of all your venues through our wide range of reporting

A centralized Boss Life WiFi dashboard means you can quickly build detailed customer profiles and begin to understand how customers interact and move around your venue. Analyze and segment data including, customer demographics, preferred browsers and operating systems, top visitor locations, new vs. repeat visitors, footfall, dwell, data usage and much more.Boss Life Wifi provides the ultimate reporting tools.

You can also report on how customers respond and interact with your SMS and email marketing campaigns; enabling you to tailor future communications based on their level of engagement.

Using a restful API, the data displayed within the Boss Life WiFi Portal reports can be connected instantly with a range of other CRM systems for a complete overview of your data.

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Benefits of our Analytics Suite

Create rich, accurate and up-to-date customer profiles; enabling you to understand and engage more effectively with your customers
Combine insights from both your physical venues and online data to get a complete view of your customers
Collect real-time, accurate customer data at both individual venue and group venue level, allowing you to compare venue locations
Use the data to create customer-focused business models and processes aimed at improving the end-to-end experience

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