WiFi marketing software to suit any business

Communicate with your customers like never before with hyper-targeted, real-time customer engagement through WiFi Marketing.

With our WiFi marketing software, powered by Purple, you can send communications in real-time to visitors in your venue; taking immediate action on the data collected via our captive portal.

Customers expect a personalized experience. Use the data captured within our portal to tailor your customer engagement based on detailed customer demographics and behavior; proven to increase conversion rates and drive customer spend. Customers expect a personalized experience. Use the data collected via our captive WiFi portal to tailor your customer engagement with LogicFlow, our drag and drop marketing automation tool. Trigger specific communications based on customer demographics and behaviors. For example, redirect customers who visit your venue more than five times to a loyalty page on your website, or welcome your brand new customers with an email or SMS message. The possibilities are endless.  You can even completely automate who gets sent what and when they get sent it.  Just take the time to set it up the first time , sit back and relax and watch your customers get customized offers and updates all powered by Boss Life WiFi Marketing.

Increase customer retention up to 24% through sending relevant, real-time communications to customers

Use the customer data collected to deliver hyper-personalized communications proven to drive spend and increase loyalty

Automatically segment customer data based on gender, age range, hometown, last venue visit and more

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Proximity Marketing

Communicate with customers in real-time based on their location within your venue

Email & SMS

Send targeted SMS and emails to customers proven to drive spend and engagment


Send content based on your customers’ interests, location and demographics


Collect invaluable customer feedback to improve your business operations


Send WiFi users timely review prompts to increase your online presence with reviews