Communicate with customers at the right place, the right time, and with highly relevant and personalized messages through Proximity Marketing.

Proximity marketing helps businesses reach out to customers based on the accurate position, rather than a virtual geofence, allowing you to create messages that are more contextual and personalized.

With 75% of customers failing to return into a store for a second visit, capturing visitors’ information is imperative via presence data to increase the number of returning guests and the potential revenue they bring along with them. Do this with proximity marketing.

Our product, via the use of WiFi, allows you to analyze the information gathered from authenticated logins to send relevant content based on your customers’ interests, demographics, and location.

Using this information, license owners can set up personalized marketing campaigns allowing businesses to target and automatically trigger real-time incentives to both customers who have once visited your store, but also to those that are currently in-store, creating a sense of urgency to make purchases or attend certain areas of a venue you may want to increase traffic in.

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Benefits of proximity marketing

Use notifications to promote in store promotions in real time through proximity marketing
Personalize your marketing campaigns
Improve overall customer experience
Send messages instantly or with a preset delay to encouraging dwelling customers

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Email & SMS

Send targeted SMS and emails to customers proven to drive spend and engagment


Send content based on your customers’ interests, location and demographics


Collect invaluable customer feedback to improve your business operations


Send WiFi users timely review prompts to increase your online presence with reviews