Leverage customer reviews through WiFi

Send WiFi users timely review prompts and amplify your online presence

88% of customers trust online reviews on the same level that they trust personal recommendations from friends and family. However, prompting customers to leave a review after their visit can be a challenge. Boss Life WiFi integrates with global review providers, TripAdvisor and Trustpilot, to automatically prompt visitors who connect to your WiFi to leave a review after their visit.

It works by sharing the data collected through Boss Life and Purple’s API with your CRM database. You can then set a time, for example 24 or 48 hours post visit, to send an automatic review request. This enables you to collect valuable feedback from a wide range of customers; improving customer return rates and attracting new business. You can also send real time reviews in order to boost in venue experience while it is still happening. Capture vital information via an email eail rather than a physical person on the ground.

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Benefits of Reviews

Effortlessly send more review requests tailored to each venue or group of venues
Stronger online presence for greater influence against competitors
Improve your service with recent information from customer experiences

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