Make smarter business decisions with Micro and NPS surveys

Collect invaluable customer feedback to improve your business processes

From market research to customer satisfaction, survey provide invaluable insights and data that your business can take action on. With Boss Life WiFI, you have a captive audience of customers that have visited your venue. This presents an opportunity for you to send micro surveys as part of the onboarding processes, or Net Promoter Score (NPS) surveys after customers have exited your venue.

For micro survey, Boss Life’s easy to use builder, powered by Purple, allows you to add up to four questions and a mix of multiple-choice, star ratings, and free text to tailor each survey for personalized feedback. For flexibility, the micro surveys can be optional to complete or mandatory for users to access WiFi. Responses are aggregated into reports providing clear data which can then be exported to a CSV file.

The NPS is an index ranging from 0 to 10 that measures the willingness of customers to recommend your venue to others post-visit. NPS surveys are used as a proxy for gauging your customer’s overall satisfaction and loyalty to your brand.

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Benefits of Surveys

Mobile responsive surveys to ensure the best user experience
Reports to help you understand where your venue excels or requires improvement
Improve your service with recent information from customer experiences
Increased response rates and instant feedback from a captive audience

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Email & SMS

Send targeted SMS and emails to customers proven to drive spend and engagment

Proximity Marketing

Communicate with customers in real-time based on their location within your venue


Send content based on your customers’ interests, location and demographics


Send WiFi users timely review prompts to increase your online presence with reviews